gnr/bnr 405/194-195
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SCENE I: Anemometer

It is not safe to use cranes in strong winds when lifting your temporary artistic venue. Every crane has a different level of wind that it can handle so be sure to get the limitations of your crane from the hire company before you take it. Then, use an anemometer to keep an eye on the wind speeds.  Alternatively, if you don't want to invest in that piece of handheld equipment, purchase some simple windsocks and attach them to your temporary exhibition venue, and use that to check the wind speeds.

The anemometer was invented by Leon Battista Alberti in 1450, an Italian Renaissance humanist author, artist, architect, poet, linguist, philosopher and cryptographer; he epitomised the Renaissance Man. Alberti was the originator of pictorial perspective and the first to propose a set of principles by which artists could authenticate their narratives and vistas against an agreed set of compositional rules. Alberti’s work informed the academies that spread throughout Europe and America in the subsequent centuries and ultimately our education as artists.

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